“By chance I saw a sign for an open house of a new business called ClearSky Life Transitions regarding solutions in divorce. Since I was recently divorced and looking for a way forward I stopped in. The atmosphere was cheery and bright and Lezlie the owner was welcoming and full of enthusiasm . What I learned that night and subsequence sessions I signed up for as well as seminars have helped me to find my way forward. What a refreshing concept ClearSky has in helping to change my thought process to be more positive. I am gaining courage everyday from my sessions at ClearSky and would highly recommend Lezlie as an advisor.”

Mark K - Spring Lake, New Jersey

Ms. Maret really knows her stuff, she’s clear, experienced and gets you on track from the first meeting. I came through the process in better financial, legal and emotional shape. ClearSky’s value should not be underestimated. It’s amazing how many things I would have missed without their guidance and plans. I’m through it now and can’t thank her enough!

Jill K. - Manasquan New Jersey

Lezlie Maret is a great listener. She has the ability to understand even more than words can express. She is a beautiful person, a great communicator, very brilliant and helpful in many life situations.”

C.F - Minister of Congregational Care and Support, Northern New Jersey

A friend of mine recommended that I contact ClearSky Life Transitions, but I thought it was going to be another group therapy or sappy session on the terrible divorce process. I was completely surprised when it turned out to be real one on-one planning sessions tailored to my unique situation. I actually walked away with a written plan, resources to contact, homework with time lines to keep me on track and deadlines that helped finish the technical end of the process so I could get back to the important things, like living and being happy… thank you ClearSky!”

Michael C - Freehold, New Jersey

I’ve known Lezlie for a very long time. She’s still the same caring, loving and warm person I knew back then all with a wonderful sense of humor!! She always finds a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel even if she has to dig her way through.

P.O - Northern New Jersey

Lezlie Maret is a gifted, dynamic communicator who is not only able to connect with her audience but is able to speak directly in a way that causes people to grow and change. A natural teacher and mentor, Lezlie is unique in her ability to bring alive ideas and things that really matter in a way that is not easily forgotten.

Youth Pastor, Northern New Jersey

ClearSky Life Transitions is a Godsend! I was confused, misguided and melancholy after my divorce. Clearsky put me on track, gave me priorities and purpose again! I can’t thank them enough.

Susan F. - Long Branch, New Jersey

I have known Lezlie for over 30 years. I have always been impressed by her positive attitude, her communication skills, and her ability to empathize with those who are struggling with personal issues. Her ability feel the pain of others is born of her own struggles, which have given her a wisdom beyond her years. She also has a wonderful presence when speaking to a group. I am honored to call her friend.

John W. - Professor

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