Professional Services

Corporate Team Building

ClearSky Life Transitions can help bring people together using principles of emotional and social intelligence. When you have a team of people with high EQ, amazing things can happen.

Help everyone get on the right page. Grow an emotionally intelligent team and get the job done. ClearSky will bring some cutting edge research and pair it with some exciting tasks for participants.

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Motivational Speaking

Encouragement and inspiration are in very short supply with men and women in the middle of life transition. Each day can be an uphill battle. If your company’s morale is below the floor, how about a lunch and learn to give a much needed pick me up? Emotional Intelligence is a hot topic these days with applications to any situation. Infuse a pick-me-up talk with the latest on emotional intelligence and your topic of the day for an instant mood-brightener. Lezlie Maret will personally present a dynamic, multi-media presentation on almost any topic that meets your groups needs.

Public Speaking Training

Do you panic when asked to speak in front of a group? Do you lose sleep the night before worrying you’ll blow it? If you answered “yes” to either question, you’ve come to the right place. Bring all of your public speaking concerns to ClearSky. We’ll help you craft your message and work with you to deliver it in a compelling way with confidence. We’ll even help you to enjoy your time in the spotlight! Hard to believe? Not when you’re at ClearSky.

Workshops and Seminars

ClearSky Life Transitions provides a brand new set of tools to participants in a full day, multi-day or half-day event. Workshops and seminars can be held for your organization to equip your group to deal with people in life change, as an educational tool for non-profits as they deal with this growing population.

Executive Soft Skills Training

Life Transition is a delicate matter. In today’s hyper-reactive social climate where sensitivity is essential, it’s prudent to be well educated about the personal impact of Life Transitions on the hard-working men and women within an organization. ClearSky Life Transitions Executive Soft Skills Training will impart a brand-new skill set to top-level managers and executive staff. The goal is to reduce absenteeism, increase transparency, maintain or even increase productivity of employees and reduce departmental tension all around. Executives trained in the ClearSky Life Transitions Executive Soft Skills method will gain an increased understanding of what a Life Transition person is experiencing and learn new ways to accommodate their needs without sacrificing high standards of employee performance.