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Financial Planner /CPA/ Wealth Management

Finances loom front and center as you anticipate divorce. It’s important to have someone look out for you as you face the future. A trusted financial advisor is like a lifeline at this crossroads of your life. ClearSky Life Transitions will direct you towards gifted financial advisors, accountants and wealth management advisors that will advise you wisely for your new life ahead.

Career Development

Maybe you’ve a stay-at-home mom, work part-time, got downsized from your company or just lost your job, divorce seems financially catastrophic. You’ve likely been applying for jobs, sending out resumes to the “Black Hole of on-line job hunting”.  You’re probably discouraged and rightly so. ClearSky Life Transitions can provide you with a strategy for the job hunt and get you in front of people that are hiring.  We’ll provide you with winning tips and coaching on developing and projecting your personal style, how to answer and how to persevere! Maybe you need to rethink your education or trade school opportunities.  Whatever you want to do requires a PLAN OF ACTION and we can help.


Often with life transitions, legal assistance is required. At ClearSky Life Transitions you’ll find top tier attorneys specializing in Family Law, Real Estate, Bankruptcy and Elder Law. All attorneys are great at what they do and are compassionate too.

Realtors/Mortgage Brokers

Relocations is one of the toughest fallouts of divorce or loss of a loved one. You might need to sell your home to buy another or you might need to rent an apartment or home. This is a very difficult decision that can be heartbreaking.You need someone kind and compassionate. ClearSky Life Transitions can connect you with some honest and experienced local realtors and brokers that will make buying and selling easier.

Mental Health Professionals

Social Worker, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Addictions Counselor, Child Psychologist

Stress and disruption in life, change can exacerbate already existing issues in adults and children. It can also bring on brand new issues relating to the difficulties of dramatic transition. ClearSky Life Transitions addresses your emotional wellness. Top-notch, experienced mental health professionals with different approaches are here to help you process life-altering events and help you manage the stress and disruption.

At ClearSky whatever concerns you concerns us. Every single one of your needs and concerns are of #1 importance. We’ll help you sift through everything that needs to be done and clear the cobwebs so you can see what’s in front of you and do what it takes to fix it.

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