1. What is ClearSky Life Transitions?

Answer: It’s a brand new approach to helping men and women with divorce. It’s not a support group or counseling. ClearSky is very different as clients work with an advisor to come up with an action plan in the form of a hard copy that’s composed of concrete, doable, necessary steps to take. ClearSky finds you attorneys, financial planners, realtors, CPA’s that are great not only at what they do but they’re compassionate, good people. ClearSky has at the heart of its mission, to have people feeling they can get through divorce and they’re not alone.

2. How will I know ClearSky Life Transitions will work for me?

Answer: ClearSky offers a free 20 minute consultation by phone, in person or video chat. You can ask any question you want. It’s a risk-free way to see if ClearSky is a good choice for you. You decide.

3. How do I find an attorney that I trust? There are so many out there!

Answer: ClearSky has done the work for you. We promise to direct you to an attorney that is exceptional at family law and a great person. Stop looking at the Google reviews. ClearSky has just the right person for you.

4. How do I find someone I can trust to advise me about my finances?

Answer: Finances are the scariest piece in the divorce process. If your spouse has handled the finances and you’re not sure about where the money is, don’t be embarrassed. This is a common dynamic in divorce. One person is usually in charge of the money. ClearSky will help you overcome your fears about money and help you take charge of your financial position through a top tier financial planner, CPA or wealth management specialist.

5. What can I expect in a session?

Answer: Our discrete location guarantees your privacy. The office is in a tastefully decorated suite that’s warm and inviting. Coffee or bottled water is waiting for you. It’s a friendly comforting visit that will make you feel safe and that you’re in good hands. We will discuss what concerns you about the divorce and what issues need to be addressed first. Each concern will be unpacked and broken down into doable tasks. One foot in front of the other.

6. My life is so complicated how will ClearSky Life Transitions be able to help me sort it all out?

Answer: You’re not alone. This is a common feeling in divorce. ClearSky has a unique method that will reduce the fog-index. Right now your life is in a jumble. This method will tackle the 100’s of things you have to do and break it down into pieces that you can tackle one at a time. You can do this!

7. Can ClearSky Life Transitions help me through my entire divorce process?

Answer: Absolutely! That’s what ClearSky is here for from beginning to end. ClearSky can even help you decide if divorce is right for you.

8. Can ClearSky Life Transitions help me help my kids through divorce?

Answer: Your heart breaks over your kids. ClearSky can equip you with the tools you need to address your children’s concerns to insure their well-being.

9. Does ClearSky Life Transitions help when you’re frozen and don’t know where to begin?

Answer: ClearSky is the first place people should stop BEFORE they even head to an attorney. The expertise you’ll receive from ClearSky will help you avoid wasting your time with uncaring professionals and you’ll avoid costly mistakes.

10. Is ClearSky Life Transitions for men too?

Answer: So much of what’s out there now is for women. The guys feel forgotten. Not anymore guys. We’ve got your back at ClearSky.

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